Innr Smart Plug vs. Philips Hue Smart Plug

Quick review/comparison of Innr Smart Plug and the new Philips Hue Smart Plug. First impression:

Side-by-side physical comparison

Innr’s plug is considerably smaller, and the Hue plug actually feels clumpsy next to it:

It’s bigger in all dimensions.

Now, let’s compare functionality. Both plugs have a two-color LED showing whether it’s on or off, and both also have a physical button to turn it on or off. Both plugs are easy to integrate with a Philips Hue bridge and offers the same functionality.

IKEA Trådfri

Let’s quickly throw in an IKEA Trådfri wireless control outlet before we compare power consumption. I collegue of mine brought one:

IKEA Trådfri

It’s even bigger than the Hue version, and also without any physical button. However, at only half the price of the Hue/Innr plugs, it’s definitely worth considering where size and the physical button doesn’t matter.

Power consumption

  • Philips Hue: 0.1 W when off, 0.8 W when on. (0,003/0,019 kWh in 24 hours)
  • Innr: 0.3 W when off, 0.7 W when on. (0,010/0,017 kWh in 24 hours)
  • IKEA: 0.1 W when off, 0.8 W when on. (0,002/0,019 kWh in 24 hours)

The winner is… Innr Smart Plug because it’s more compact. Hue uses 0.1 W more than Innr when on, but 0.2 W less when off, so if turned off most of the time, it might be a better choice.

In Denmark prices are exactly the same.

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