Miele XGW 3000 gateway firmware 2.2.0

I upgraded last week and today I investigated this firmware version a bit. From the release notes:

Release 2.2.0 – 21.02.2018

  • Stability improvements and bugfixing

Bugs I have found to be fixed

  • In the Homebus 1.0 protocol, Wi-Fi devices will no longer return HTTP code 500 (internal error) when in state “Waiting to Start” (numeric value: 4)

Bugs (still) not fixed

  • The additional name for my dishwasher (“Dishwasher”), keeps changing to “Washing machine” from time to time.
  • The ElapsedTime value for my Wi-Fi dishwasher is always:

New bug found: After a power outage today, my washing machine showed up as “mac-001d65feff02237b” (obscured a bit due to general paranoia) instead of its UID. I was still able to access it through http://GATEWAY/Rest/Devices/mac-001d65feff02237b/Ident, though. After another reboot, it was back to normal.

2 thoughts on “Miele XGW 3000 gateway firmware 2.2.0

  1. Hi Jacob — very interesting reading. I’m interested in home automation too, and I have a new suite of Miele appliances in to integrate! Unfortunately, they don’t sell the XGW 3000 gateway in the USA yet. I do have the XKM 3000 W wireless modules, but the Miele@Home app doesn’t “see” them. I can get to the XKM web page but there are no functions for viewing/controlling the appliances. Do you know what protocol the gateway uses to talk to the wireless modules in the appliances? Thanks!!! -John

    • Hi John,

      Unfortunately I haven’t played with XKM 3100 W, but I assume it has more or less the same interface as built-in Wi-Fi (as in my dishwasher). I haven’t been able to communicate directly with it yet, only through the gateway. But I saw this on GitHub, which you might find interesting:

      By the way, I was unable to buy the XGW 3000 in Denmark, so I ordered it from Germany. However, if you only have Wi-Fi modules, you probably have no use for it. I bought it for ZigBee communication with my XKM 3000 Z modules.

      Best regards,

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